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Wisdom Teeth Removal for Teens & Adults

Your wisdom teeth are your third molars, and they typically emerge during your late teens or early adult years. For some, these teeth erupt without any issues, while others may never develop wisdom teeth. Many people end up suffering from impacted wisdom teeth. It’s a common issue in which the teeth grow at an angle or stay trapped in the jawbone, only erupting partially or not at all. This condition can cause pain, infection, tooth decay, development of cysts, and damage to the surrounding teeth and bone. At North Oakville Dental, we treat patients with these issues through wisdom teeth removal. By extracting the problematic wisdom teeth, we alleviate the discomfort and damage and prevent further issues in the future. Our Oakville, ON dental practice has helped countless patients with their impacted wisdom teeth and other oral issues. Using x-rays and exams to evaluate your teeth and the wisdom teeth’s progression, we can determine whether they’re going to be a problem. That’s one of many reasons why staying current with your regular checkups is essential to preserving your oral health.

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Reasons to Extract Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal is necessary for an abundance of dental patients because the issues are so common. To extract your wisdom teeth, we begin by numbing the area using an anesthetic. We then make an incision through your gum tissue to get to the tooth and bone and remove the bone blocking access to your tooth’s root. If necessary, we’ll divide your tooth into sections and then remove the pieces or whole tooth. After removal, we clean the area and remove any tooth or bone debris, stitch the wound shut so it can heal, and place gauze over the site to help the blood clot and control bleeding. North Oakville Dental may advise you to remove your wisdom teeth before any issues arise.

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Reasons for Preventative Extraction Include:

  • Cleaning and maintaining your wisdom teeth can be very difficult if your mouth doesn’t have enough space for them to erupt.
  • If you wait to get your wisdom teeth removed, you may experience complications and difficulty with surgery.
  • Even if your wisdom teeth are symptom-free, they can still harbor disease and cause oral health issues.

Get Dental Care for Your Wisdom Teeth

Since problematic wisdom teeth happen more often than not, it’s important to let the dentists at North Oakville Dental examine your mouth regularly so that we stay current on the condition of your wisdom teeth. When they start to grow in, give us a call and let our talented team keep them from inflicting pain and ruining your oral health.

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