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Stay Relaxed with Sedation Dentistry

Many patients at North Oakville Dental may take advantage of our sedation dentistry when they experience severe anxiety during their visit. As a part of our commitment to making you comfortable, we can provide calming treatment options during your appointment or to be taken before coming to see us for a procedure. Our caring team performs every treatment with your comfort as a top priority, so you can feel confident coming to visit our Oakville, ON office with your family. To add to the best experience possible for your treatment, sedation dentistry safely controls your anxiety, so you don’t fret or worry while we work.

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Sedation Options for Our Oakville, ON Patients

Fear and anxiety related to dental visits is a common issue, and we understand the discomfort you might feel. The tools, equipment, and procedures might seem intimidating when you’re at our office. But our team keeps you informed about any treatment you receive to ensure you know the truth about how modern dentistry emphasizes comfort during all procedures. However, if your anxiety is a problem for you, we also offer effective sedation options to take away the stress and worry while we perform your dental care.

Our Options for Sedation Include the Following:

IV Sedation

We administer this form of sedation intravenously. You’ll experience a deep sense of relaxation and total calmness while the sedatives circulate through your body. IV sedation is safe to use and highly effective as a form of conscious sedation. The effects may take a while to wear off after your appointment, so you’ll need a ride home when we complete your procedure.

Nitrous Oxide Gas Sedation

We’ll provide you with this form of sedation prior to your appointment. You take it by ingesting it before you visit us for your procedure, and the effects last throughout your appointment. You’ll feel fully relaxed and worry-free while under the influence of nitrous oxide gas sedation, and it’s perfectly safe to use for relief from dental phobia or anxiety. Make sure you have someone to get you home after your visit, as the sedative may continue to affect you for a while.

Call Us to Discuss Your Options

If sedation dentistry sounds like an option you wish to explore for your dental treatments, we’ll gladly discuss which method will work best for you. Both IV and nitrous oxide gas sedation provide freedom from fear and anxiety, so you can relax while we restore your mouth to optimal oral health. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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