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Oakville, ON’s Home for Preventative Care

The best way to treat any dental problem is to prevent it or catch it when it begins. North Oakville Dental’s dentists and staff keep a watchful eye on your oral cavity to ensure your mouth stays healthy and happy. During your initial appointment and periodically afterward, you can expect us to examine your teeth, gums, lips, and tissues thoroughly for any signs of decay, infection, and other issues. Treating these issues as soon as possible ensures the smoothest and simplest care. At our Oakville, ON clinic, we practice preventative care to make sure your mouth stays healthy and pain-free.

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What’s Included in Preventative Care

North Oakville Dental wants to help you keep your oral health at its best through our comprehensive list of dental services, including preventative care. When you visit our practice, we stay on top of your oral condition with the following services:

Diagnostic X-Rays

Using x-rays gives us a more in-depth image of your teeth, jaws, and other components of your mouth. We can detect issues like cysts, bone loss, tumors, and decay that a normal oral exam might not reveal. For procedures like implants, we’ll use x-rays to help us determine your tooth and root positions.

Gum Disease Evaluation

The best way to treat gum disease is to catch it when the signs of irritation or infection begin. We inspect your gums and the bone around your teeth to identify signs of periodontal disease. If we treat it while it’s in its early stage, we can reverse the infection and restore your gums’ health.

Examination of Existing Restorations

Your current restorations keep your teeth looking and working like normal, and they help to preserve your oral health. We’ll check the fillings, crowns, and other restorations you have for any cracks, chips, or other damage that needs repair.

Examination of Tooth Decay

Catching tooth decay early is the surest way to resolve it without substantial damage to your teeth. We inspect every surface of your teeth to detect decay. When we find any, you’ll receive prompt treatment during which we remove the affected tissue, clean the area, and fill and seal any chance of further decay.

Oral Cancer Screening

Our team examines your gums, tongue, throat, lips, neck, face, and other tissues for signs of oral cancer. This part of preventative treatment is necessary for your oral and overall health.

Keep your Mouth Clean with Every Visit

Along with comprehensive oral exams, the team at North Oakville Dental will also remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth, followed by a thorough tooth polishing to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Let our caring dental professionals keep your oral health in top shape. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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