Routine dental care at any age is vital to your oral and overall health. North Oakville Dental offers family dentistry to residents like you throughout Oakville. We design our treatments to keep you comfortable while we clean and maintain your teeth, gums, and mouth. Through teeth cleanings, we remove the plaque and tartar that has built up since your last visit. This helps to prevent issues like decay and gum disease. With oral exams and x-rays, we can spot problems when they start as well as issues that could develop in the future. By treating your teeth and gums regularly, you’ll enjoy better oral health and avoid the pain and damage of cavities, infections, and other issues. Our dentists, Drs. Charles and Hartley Blumenfeld, have ample experience working with patients of all ages. Toddlers to seniors depend on our dental practice, and we tailor our services to ensure the best possible care for your dental condition.;

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Establishing regular dental care for your children at home and at our office is paramount to preserving their current and future oral health. Through regular checkups with our dentists, we perform oral exams and teeth cleanings to remove plaque and tartar and evaluate their mouths. We use the exams as an opportunity to examine how their teeth are progressing and identify any potential issues in their early stages. Your child will also learn effective brushing and flossing techniques to perform at home to keep his or her teeth and mouth clean between visits. Our goal is to ensure your child enjoys the best possible health while avoiding unnecessary dental damage like decay. By initiating dental visits early, your child can get accustomed to receiving oral care from our team. This leads to less fear and anxiety, as well as maintaining regular dental care outside of our office. By taking preventative measures and teaching your children proper oral care, they’ll be able to continue these positive practices through their adolescence and into adulthood.


North Oakville Dental is ready to help you and your family keep your mouths in pristine condition with regular dental care at our Oakville office. Everyone on our team shares a mission to provide dental care with the most current technology and a commitment to excellence. Every patient is important, and our concern is that we treat each patient carefully and provide special attention to keeping them comfortable. Your smile is our passion, and we strive to exceed expectations with services of genuine value to your health and happiness. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our family dentistry specialists. We want adults and children alike to smile with confidence.


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